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RMA Request

All product warranty requests shall be processed and handled pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement between Solar Technologies (“Solar”) and Buyer.

Completion of this Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) request is not an authorization to return any product. This is merely the process to initiate a request to obtain an authorized RMA number.

RMA numbers are valid for twenty (20) calendar days from the date of issuance. All returned product must be received by Solar within such time period. Sender must also ensure that the product is shipped to Solar with proper packaging so as to ensure safe and secure transportation. Solar shall not be held liable for any lose or damage that occurs during transit. Any returns arriving after the RMA number has expired shall be refused by Solar.

Each package shall have the associated RMA number printed on it, with the shipment containing copies of the associated RMA paperwork. Failure to do so may prevent the technical staff from determining the cause of the issue and may result in delay or denial of warranty coverage.

All returned product shall be shipped (prepaid by sender) to the address indicated on the RMA paperwork. Solar shall return repaired or replaced product (prepaid by Solar) via regular economy service.

Pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions, Solar’s product warranty covers manufacturing defects only and does not cover any damages due to installation, improper handling, environmental or natural causes. Solar’s product warranty does not cover incidental and consequential damage attributed to customer. Any product returned that are found to be neglected, abused or otherwise tampered with shall not be considered for repair or replacement. In the event any returned product is subsequently deemed not to be defective or the issue is not covered by the product warranty, Solar shall return the product “as is” to sender collect.

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